Saturday, March 10, 2012

Skyline Lake 02-11-2012

Just about a month ago, Steve and I connected in Monroe to enjoy a snowshoe trek to Skyline Lake.

Skyline Lake is a place I've been to relatively often, generally in nice weather because the route offers some fantastic views.

Located right across Hwy 2 from the Steven's Pass ski area, this route offers convenient (and free) parking all winter long - and there is a ski lodge just across the highwy in case you feel the need to lounge (or warm up) with the powder pigs. Or have lunch.

Our weather wasn't cooperating on this particular outing. We had a few brief views of the ski area, but no memorable views of blue sky or distant (or near) peaks. We had to entertain ourselves by taking pictures of falling snow and buried lakes.

The route to Skyline lake is relatively steep. We followed the jeep track to the small tower after the powerlines and then diverted uphill to the left - a shortcut up the switchbacking road. The hillside is steep (bring poles) and tiring.

Took a few pictures at the upper communication tower, marveling at the cap of snow on the peaked roof of the shed. We were discussing the liklihood (or unliklihood) that a snowball could topple the knob off the roof when Mother Nature stepped in and did it herself. No snowball needed.

We had lunch at the lake, then proceeded up to the ridge to the boulder garden - hoping for a break in the weather. No luck - no views. We could barely see the high point and decided to turn around after a few minutes.

On the way back we made a detour to another communication tower and another non-view.

The snowshoe trek back down was pretty fast - making great use of our built in sleds to quickly descend the powdery slopes to the lower portion of the road.

Ended the day with a warm beverage at Starbucks and an early dinner at Five Guys Burgers & Fries (it was good but it wasn't "more than $11 for a greasy burger and fries good").

Happy Hiking!

There is one more trip report in progress (Oyster Dome) and my next hike date is in less than one week (March 17th, St. Patricks Day).

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