Thursday, March 15, 2012

Itinerary for 03-17-2012

Hey, guess what!

There is no definite plan for the hike on Saturday.

For the umteenth time in a row, the weather looks pretty ugly. Ugly enough that I haven't even bothered to invite anyone along to enjoy the day outside.

Reportedly there are mountains of new snow in the mountains. The avalanche forecast is being called the 'black eye' because of the unusually high potential for avalanches at this point in time:

The danger level is supposed to decrease quite a bit by Saturday, but it will still be more than I'd want to tackle without a rescue buddy.

I was contemplating joining up with the Mount Baker Club for one of two outings they had scheduled, but both have been cancelled.

My choices at this point include the following four potential targets:
a) Lookout Mountain: two low level peaks that I haven't investigated between I-5 & Lake Whatcom
b) Mount Si and/or Rattlesnake Ridge: a great workout on a hard-to-get-lost trail with generally safe quantities of snow and satisfying elevation gain.
c) Bald Mountain: still on the to do list, between Big Lake and Lake Cavanaugh
d) Cultus Mountain: also still on the to-do list but a guaranteed long slog and I don't know that I can get my bike up there with the new trail car.

Anyway, if you are reading this and interested in tagging along (or proposing a better destination) please let me know ASAP. Good hikes are even better with company.

As always, plans may change without notice.

Happy Hiking!


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