Saturday, March 17, 2012

Revised itinerary for 3-17-2012

The old plan has been superceded by a better plan.

After browsing through an old cross country ski route book I came across a route along Wells Creek Road which I've heard of before and had forgotten all about.

The book labels the avalanche risk for this route as: "No Avalanche Risk". That's my kind of risk level.

Since the real avalanche risk has been lowered to moderate (level 2) / considerable (level 3) instead of High (level 4) / Extreme (level 5) I'm feeling pretty comfortable that this will be a safe place to play for the day. Heck, it's probably more risky trying to park at the pullout alongside Hwy 542 than it is to venture into the snowy woods.

As always, the plan may still change but at least now I have a reason to head out there.

Happy Trails!


P.S.: Forgot to mention that, yes, I'll be wearing green.


  1. Eric, I discovered your blog a week or so ago and enjoy your trip reports. If you want to go hiking with a geologist, send me a note to my

    It doesn't appear that you have been to Lost Lake on Sumas Mountain. It is a good steep hike, partly cross country via the "gold mine" trail from the west, but a great conditioner. I will be going up there again within the next few weeks on a Saturday.

  2. Thanks for the note Doug! I'm sending you an email ASAP!