Thursday, December 22, 2011

2012 Hiking Calendar

Here is the final list of hikes for 2012:

Jan. 14:  Ladder Creek (Hwy 20)

Jan. 17:  Samish Overlook in snow (Chuckanuts)

Jan. 22:  North Lake Whatcom a.k.a Hertz Trail

Feb. 5:  Mt. Baker Heather Meadows with the kids

Feb. 11:  Skyline Lake (Steven's Pass/Hwy 2)

Mar. 4:  Samish Overlook, Oyster Dome, Lily Lake (Chuckanuts)

Mar. 17:  Wells Creek Road (Hwy 542)

Apr. 14:  Sumas Mountain with Geologists Doug and Dave (Hwy 542, kind of)

Apr. 29:  North Mountain Lookout (fail) and Old Sauk River Trail (win) (Darrington)

May 12:  Index Town Wall exploring (Hwy 2)

May 19:  North Mountain Lookout (Darrington) and exploring the Diablo Dam Trail, Stetattle Creek and Sourdough Lookout trail for a bit (Hwy 20).

Jun. 23:   Goat Lake (off the Mountain Loop Highway) ***Trail Journal Now Available!***

Jul. 14:  Cascade Pass ***Trail Journal Now Available!***

Jul. 25  Oyster Dome

Aug. 1  Clayton Beach Redemption Hike

Aug. 4  Skyline Divide on Mt. Baker

Aug. 15:  Squires Lake

Aug. 26:  Yellow Aster Butte and Gold Run Pass

Sep. 16:  Gothic Basin and Foggy Lake

Sep. 29:  Heather Lake off the Mountain Loop Highway

Oct. 15:  Mount Pilchuck

Oct. 16:  Lake Twenty-Two

Nov. 10: Annette Lake off I-90 with Rachel, Steve, Kim and Ken

Dec. 15:  Sumas Mountain (mines 1, 2 and 3 plus the Sumas Mountain Outpost cabin)

Just for historical purposes, here is a link to my customized/personalized 2012 Day Planner:

FWIW, Kevin, Andrea and Beau are featured on page 2. :)

If you'd like me to customize a day planner for you with different starting/ending dates please let me know. It would be a fun project.

Happy Trails!


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