Thursday, March 29, 2012


Been pretty busy lately... away from the interwebs and living life. In this instance "Living Life" really means that I've been really busy at work, going to numerous gymnastic meets and trying to finish our taxes.

Things might slow down next week and hopefully I'll be able to catch up on some missing trip reports.

Pretty sure I owe you at least one report for a snowshoe to Wells Creek Road and probably a dumpster dive or two.

In other news, my email provided me with the latest edition of "The Rambler" -- a newsletter published by The Mount Baker Club. I was pleased to see a couple of my photos from our hike along the Hertz Trail... and a link to my blog!

Woo Hoo, and Welcome!

My next scheduled hike date is April 14th. Details are TBD... but I'm always looking to visit new destinations, complete unfinished previous hikes and meet new hiking buddies. Feel free to drop me a note/comment if you're ever interested in hitting the trail sometime.

Happy Hiking!


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