Friday, April 19, 2013

Itinerary for 4-20-2013

Current plan is to connect with the Mount Baker Club for  a snowshoe trek beginning at the Mt. Baker Ski area.  Hoping to do the Heather Loop so I can cross it off my to-do list... and hoping the weather is something better than 'miserable'.


Looking forward to an entertaining group - the MBC seems to provide that pretty regularly.

Carpooling from Maple Falls @ 9:00am.

Home by dinner time to connect with friends... and then planning to end the day with a 10 mile Ragnar training run.

Sunday... hoping it will work out to be a much needed rest day.

For those of you who keep track (exactly 0 of you is my guess), the blog is still awaiting my write up from March's trek toward Skagit County's Goat Mountain.  Maybe that will be posted later this week, if I remember.

Happy Hiking!