Saturday, February 23, 2013

Itinerary 2-23-13

Helping out a winter Trail Crew on/near the White Salmon Sno-Park along the Mt. Baker Highway with members of the Skagit Nordic Club and the Mount Baker Club.

Weather will probably be quite snowy... basically I'm just hoping to help out where I can (and stay warm).

Pictures will probably be few and far between.

Good luck to the girls in their first 'Trampoline Meet' today! 

Should be in cell phone range by sunset.

Maybe I'll get around to processing the snowshow outing pics from January and share them on the blog this weekend.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

The 2-9-13 hike has been postponed

Sorry to say that anyone who was hoping to join me on the previously scheduled February 9th hike will have to either find another partner, go solo or stay tuned for the revised date.

In the meantime, check your calendars because there is probably an upcoming presentation by geologist Dave Tucker in Skagit County to fascinate you with close-to-home info about the eruption history of Mount Baker (and related hazards).  His last presentation was beyond capacity so now there are three more opportunities to catch his presentation just around the corner.  Mt. Vernon, Anacortes & Concrete... click here to find out the dates, times and locations!

Please don't be surprised that I still owe you a trip report for my last outing to Huntoon Point a few weeks ago.  The weather was unbelievably nice... and at least two of my photos from that outing are destined to be hanging in my office soon.  Maybe the report will be up next week, probably about the same time I announce the revised hike date for February.

Happy hiking!