Saturday, January 12, 2013

Itinerary for 01-12-2013

Blue Sky!
Heading to Mt. Baker for some snowshoeing:  Artist Point/Huntoon Point most likely, but possibly a loop around Heather Meadows or possibly Razor Hone Knob.
In cell phone contact by dark.



Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Upcoming hike this Saturday

This Saturday is a scheduled hiking day.

The weather appears to promise there won't be any blue sky but there could be 'representin' amounts of rain, wind and/or snow.

Ideally the day's destination would involve some pleasant snowshoeing with awe inspiring views, but there is a higher chance that it will involve lower summits that are closer to home.

Based on a recent report from, this Saturday may be a fine day to tag the high points of both Bald Mountain and Mount Cavanaugh.  Both are pretty low elevation (with no real avalanche risks) and easy to access.  The trouble with Bald Mountain is that the trail is probably much more of a bootpath.  A really steep bootpath.  With ropes in place so you can hoist yourself up the even more steep sections.  Maybe not a good choice when there is snow on the ground.  And/or solo.

Cultus Mountain has been on my mind lately too.  Maybe the time has come to just buck up and walk the 12 miles with a good audiobook.  Then again, maybe there is too much snow and it's really unlikely that a third visit would ever get me excited.

Door number four might lead me to the middle fork of the Nooksack River road, or Galbraith Mountain, or Lookout Mountain or some other destination entirely... like some Eagle watching along the upper Skagit River.

If you are looking for something to do outside on Saturday feel free to get in touch.

Happy hiking!