Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Hiking Calendar

Here is the unofficial scheduled outing dates for 2010 (and links to trip reports for dates already completed).

As always, planned dates and/or destinations are subject to change at any point in time, with or without notice.

January 16: Ipsut Falls in Mt. Rainier National Park

February 6: Happy Panther and Thunder Knob off Hwy 20.

February 18: Excelsior and Heather Meadows from Hwy 542

March 6: Huntoon Point and Nooksack Falls from Hwy 542

March 28:  Goose Rock at Deception Pass State Park off Hwy 20

April 3: Racehorse Mountain off Hwy 542

April 18: Split Rock off Hwy 9

April 24: Mailbox Peak off I-90

April 25: Big Four Ice Caves/Avalanches, Youth on Age Trail, Gold Basin Mill Pond off the Mountain Loop Highway

May 8: Mailbox Peak and Twin Falls State Park off I-90

June 6: Mount Washington off I-90

July 11: Granite Mountain and Fire Look Out off I-90

July 25: Winchester Mountain and Fire Look Out near Mount Baker off Hwy 542

August 29:  Excelsior Pass via Damfino Lakes and Horseshoe Bend along the Nooksack River off Hwy 542

September 4:  Church Mountain off Hwy 542

September 10:  Fragrance Lake in the Chuckanuts

September 21: Sunny Day With Quark along Hwy 2.

October 9: Anderson and Watson Lakes off Hwy 20 with Rachel and Steve.

October 17: Cumberland Creek off the South Skagit Highway along the Nooksack River.

November 8: Howard Miller Steelhead Park located off Hwy 20

December 21: Above Austin Pass on Mount Baker at the end of Hwy 542

December 31: Heather Lake off the Mountain Loop Highway by Mt. Pilchuck and Verlot with Kevin and Kris.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in tagging along on any of the upcoming outings.

Happy Trails!


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