Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sleds, Snowshoes, Igloos and Snow Caves - 02-05-2012

Early in February we had a couple of really beautiful blue sky days that coincided with a day that wasn't already full of committments.

This was a perfect opportunity to take the kids up to play in the fresh snow on Mount Baker.

We left at a leisurely 9:00am and were back home by about 3:00pm.

The car was packed with warm winter clothes, two pairs of snowshoes, three sleds, snacks and sunscreen. We put all of them to good use.

Upon our arrival at Heather Meadows we made our way toward Austin Pass. Both the kids were able to make use of the snowshoes - they were a bit large for their size, but much more appropriate than the 'toddler' snowshoes (shaped like a bear paw) that can be bought from REI.

The kids enjoyed the snowshoes, but not quite as much as they enjoyed discovering an igloo, a snow cave and a perfect sledding hill.

I love sunny days in the mountains with the kids. Too bad they are so few and far between.

Coming up next: A snowshoe report from Skyline Lake.

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