Sunday, December 22, 2013

Panorama Dome and More (Mt. Baker) 10-17-2013

Enjoyed a fantastic fall day exploring between Heather Meadows, Austin Pass, Artist Point Panorama Dome and the Bagley Lakes area.

Since this hike was more than two months ago and I have numerous other Artist Point reports about the area there isn't much to add so I'll try to keep this brief.

6.25 miles, 1,300 feet of elevation gain.

Started at Heather Meadows as the road was already closed for the season after an early season snowfall.

Photos in no particular order.

Started at Heather Meadows.

Followed the Wild Goose Trail to Austin Pass and then up to Artist Point.

Snow covered the Table Mountain Trail so I chose to not head up there being solo for the day.

Stopped at the Lake Ann trail head on the way down and followed a service road (which is the 'cattrack' during ski season) all the way up to the top of Panorama Dome where two chair lifts terminate.

Mt. Baker Ski Area staff were doing maintenance or setting up the chair lifts... they were in operation but the lift would stop for a minute or two every time a new chair arrived at the top.  No people in sight... must have been doing work from the bottom side.

Returned the way I came and headed down to the Austin Pass Picnic area where I scouted around, crossed the cement arched bridge to the opposite side of the lake and followed the trail back to Heather Meadows beneath Mount Herman to the car.

Photos with captions where appropriate but in no particular order.

This photo is of one of the Bagley Lakes.  I really like this image for a number of reasons:  First, I like the "Winter Overtaking Fall" aspect with the snow in the cold dark shadows overtaking the warm fall colors as you move from left to right in the photo.  Second, the arched cement bridge is located at the lower right portion of the lake.

 Bagley Creek as it flows out of Bagley Lakes.  A trail circumnavigates the lakes and creek here:

Bagley Lake seen from somewhere above Austin Pass:

 A great view of a tarn with reflections of Table Mountain in it.  This was taken at Austin Pass Picnic Area parking lot:

Another view of Bagley Lakes and Austin Pass picnic area taken from near Artist Point:

Mt. Baker (left) and Table Mountain (right) taken from Panorama Dome (or on the way too Panorama Dome):

Mount Shuksan, probably taken from Pan. Dome:

Top of the Chair Lift at Pan. Dome, Heather Meadows parking lot and lodge in the distance:

Wild Goose Trail markers:

Weird textured geologic lump near Artist Point:

Someone near the Bagley Lake inflow being stalked by Polar Bears.  Maybe they are dogs but you can't prove it one way or the other from this photo.

Part of the Chain Lakes Loop Trail as it ascends the other side of the Bagley Lakes valley:

Bagley Lakes valley, probably taken from Pan. Dome:

The Visitor Center at Austin Pass with awesome mossy Basalt Columns below it:

Austin Pass Visitor Center below Table Mountain:

Route and trail profile info:

Happy Hiking!


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