SAVE North Mtn Lookout


I became aware of North Mountain Lookout just a few months ago. While I don't recall the exact circumstances through which I became aware of it, there is a chance that a posting by Lookout Bob from could have triggered my interest.

Here is a copy/paste of what Lookout Bob posted in October. The real post is visible via this LINK.

Are you interested in helping save this lookout?
Now is your chance.
Forrest Clark is getting folks interested and is trying to prove that the lookout is worthy of a restoration project.

How can you help?

Three ways.

1. You can e mail him and make a time commitment to volunteer your labor on the lookout. He needs 25 volunteers committed to show the FS that the interest is there and people are willing to give their time and energy to the project. You can e mail Forrest at either of the following 2 e mail addresses
woodmanfor **at** aol **dot** com
woodmanfor **at** gmail **dot** com


2. You can pledge some dollars towards the project. Again, Forrest will be the lead on the project and will ensure your $$$ goes towards materials and costs related to saving the lookout.


3 You can state your support of the project to the Forest Service. It is estimated that only 1 in 10 folks who are interested in North Mountains continued future will represent the other 9 who won't bother to write. This is an easy and very important avenue to help save the lookout. You can write a snail mail to the district ranger at
District Ranger ( Peter Forbes)
Darrington Ranger Station
1405 Emens Street
Darrington, Washington 98241

Please state your support for keeping the lookout at its present location and supporting a restoration project to bring the lookout back. ( from near death....)
It is helpful if you note that there are few 'drive up lookouts' available for handicapped visits.

Please consider assisting in this effort. It is a 'worthy cause' ( to quote Harvey Manning)

(End of Lookout Bob's original post).

North Mountain is located just northwest of Darrington and is accessible in late summer by a forest service road which is generally gated a short distance before the Lookout. A short hike and viola! there it is.

Here is a link to my trip report from May 19, 2012:  North Mountain Lookout

Here is an October 2011 photo by Magellanator via


Magellanator's North Mountain photo stream offers some other pictures which show the poor condition of the lookout. It's truly in a sad state of disrepair.

I'm all in favor of helping the efforts to save and renovate this lookout in its current location.

Please consider helping out too. Lookout Bob has already provided a ton of options to help communicate your interest and support.

Be sure to also visit the Big Rock Books page while you contemplate your strategy. 50% of the profits from book sales will be directed toward the effort to save or renovate the North Mountain Lookout.

Thank you for your consideration!

Happy Hiking!