Dumpster Dives

Dumpster Dive hikes are generally trails or destinations that can provide an objective when all else fails. Maybe you only have a few hours or maybe the weather is sketchy or maybe you've already been "everywhere else".

Some are easy, some are hard.
Some are well known and popular while others are rarely visited or discussed.

A few of these hikes may also have been included on one of the other blog pages.

The order of this dumpster dive hike listing will generally be based on a north to south order but following the West to East highway corridors when possible.

North of Mt. Baker Highway and west of Kendall
Sumas Mountain - Mines #3, #2, #1, Safe and Cabin on December 15, 2012 (Trip #198)
Sumas Mountain - Mine #1, Safe, Cabin, slow landslide and a summit register on 04/14/2012 (Trip #177)

West side of Lake Whatcom (Bellingham, WA)
Stimpson Nature Reserve on 05/16/2010 (Trip #87): Walk a few miles within a nature reserve set up by the Stimpson family near the Sudden Valley neighborhood community.
Big Rock Gardens on 03/27/2007 (Trip #40): Visit a local outdoor art gallery above scenic Lake Whatcom.

East side of Lake Whatcom (Bellingham, WA)
Hertz Trail with the Mount Baker Club on 01/11/2012 (Trip #172)
View from Whacme Peak on 06/28/2008 (Trip #72): Finally reached Whacme Peak! Whacme Peak is a high point between Lk. Whatcom and Acme with a view of Mount Baker and the Twin Sisters mountain range.
Above Lake Whatcom on 05/04/2008 (Trip #68): Attempt #2 to reach Whacme Peak.
In Search of Whacme Peak on 04/05/2008 (Trip #66): Attempt #1 to reach Whacme Peak.
Lake Whatcom on 02/28/2008 (Trip #62): A nice flat hike along the east shore of Lake Whatcom.

I-5 / Whatcom-Skagit County Line
Squires Lake Park on 07/08/2007 (Trip #49): A short hike to a little lake and beaver dam, with some cliff top or logging road exploration options.

East of Hwy 9 / Whatcom-Skagit County Line
Middle Fork Nooksack River Diversion Dam on 07/10/2011 (Trip #150): A short hike to a diversion dam just up river of a narrow gorge.

Highway 20 / Whidbey Island / Deception Pass State Park
Whistle Lake and Sugarloaf Mountain - Anacortes Community Forest Lands (Trip #143, April 22, 2011)
Heart Lake - Anacortes Community Forest Lands (Trip #131, January 8, 2011)
Little Cranberry Lake - Anacortes Community Forest Lands (Trip #155, August 28, 2011)
Goose Rock on 03/28/2010 (Trip #108): A short but steep hike to a high point in Deception Pass State Park.
Hoypus Hill on 11/29/2011 (Trip #164): A nice trail for a jog just east of Deception Pass State Park.
Fort Ebey (Trip #132, January 8, 2011)

Highway 20 / Just East of Sedro-Woolley
Northern State Recreation Area on 10/31/2007 (Trip #55): Wander around dilapidated farm/hospital buildings, read about the site history or play frisbee golf.
Shadows Of The Sentinels on 12/07/2011 (Trip #166): Enjoy a mostly ADA accessible hike through a sampling of our much loved forests.

Highway 20 / Hwy 9 / South Skagit Highway
Cumberland Creek on 10/17/2010 (Trip #126): Visit an oxbow lake, learn about local ecology and visit the shores of the Skagit River.

Highway 530 / Between Rockport and Darrington
North Mountain on 12/26/2011 (Trip #168): Between Sedro-Woolley and Darrington lies some often ignored minor peaks. North Mountain currently offers a Lookout at it's summit, although it's future is currently uncertain. Visit it soon if you can!

Hwy 9 / Between Sedro-Woolley and Mount Vernon
Cultus Mountain on 06/26/2006 (Trip #23): Follow a lengthy logging road to try and reach a high point visible from many points in Mount Vernon.

I-5 / Between Mount Vernon and Conway, on the ridge east of the freeway
Devils Mountain (04/18/2011, Trip #139) is accessible via a logging road directly to a low but obvious summit with plenty of communication towers and views to the east and the west.

On the opposite side of the ridge from Devils Mountain, Scott Mountain Mine (04/18/2011, Trip #140) seems to be invisible. Maybe YOU can find it and send me the details?

Hwy 9 / Between Mount Vernon and Arlington, near Lake Cavanaugh
Split Rock on 04/18/2010 (Trip #110): Try to locate (or rock climb with proper gear) this local geologic anomaly. Will you be distracted by Bald Mountain?

Split Rock Redux on 04/19/2011 (Trip #141)

Hwy 530 / Between Arlington and Darrington
Boulder River on 12/15/2007 (Trip #59): An easy access trail for all seasons along a river with some really nice waterfalls that everyone can enjoy.

Old Sauk River Trail - a great river walk with many trail improvements made in 2012.  Perfect for moss and mushroom lovers!  Trip #179 from April 29, 2012.

Mines along the North Fork of the Sauk River on 04/20/2011 (Trip #142): An easy and short hike along the Sauk River, with three easy to access mines and wonderful views of Whitehorse and Three Fingers mountains.

Mountain Loop Highway / Verlot via Granite Falls
Gold Basin Mill Pond on 04/25/2010 (Trip #114): Visit the site of an old mill (VERY short).
Youth On Age Trail on 04/25/2010 (Trip #113): Hike this short and flat nature trail which highlights some of the native plants.

Everett, WA
Narbeck Wetland Sanctuary on 10/06/2005 (Trip #11): A nice trail and boardwalk through a wetlands in Everett. Look for the huge bullfrogs!

Eastern Washington
Cooper Lake and River on 10/01/2011 (Trip #157): Enjoy the running of the salmon and fall colors near Roslyn.
Badger Mountain on 11/25/2011 (Trip #163): A prime high point offering year round scenic vistas of the Tri-Cities in south eastern Washington.

Pierce County
Point Defiance on 03/29/2009 (Trip #81): A nice trail near the Puget Sound in protected urban forest. With a zoo nearby.

Mason County
McMicken Island on 03/29/2008 (Trip #64): A nice trail and boardwalk through a wetlands in Everett. Look for the huge bullfrogs!

White Pass / Hwy 12
http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5946 on 07/11/2004 (Trip #1): A visit to a section of the Pacific Crest Trail proved to be pretty flat with a few quaint lakes.

Hawaii / Maui
Waimoku Falls on 04/07/2007 (Trip #41): Yeah. If you're in the neighborhood you'd better check this place out. =)

Minnesota / Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA)
Kawishiwi Falls and Dry Lake Falls on 07/31/2011 (Trip #152 and 153): If you ever find youself in Ely, Minnesota, you should consider checking these places out before you return to the places you are from.

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