Saturday, May 15, 2010

Youth on Age Trail - 04/25/10

The Youth On Age trail is located in Snohomish County along the Mountain Loop Highway between Granite Falls and the Big Four Ice Caves.

In essence, this is a very short nature hike that wanders from the MLH to the Snohomish River and back via a nice short loop. "Short" means it is a mile. Or less.

Along the way there are a number of wooden signs provided to aid in identification of certain species or forest characteristics.

While interesting, many signs lack any additional information which would be useful for knowing a little more about what specific item is being described.

For example: Youth On Age may very well be a trail name, it is also the name of a kind of plant. When the sign just says "Youth On Age" you're kind of left hanging there... wondering if it is a plant and if so, which plant is it?

Signs were noted for the following plants or characteristics:
Ground Moss
Sitka Spruce
Forest Opening
Western Hemlock
Douglas Fir
Vine Maple
Big Leaf Maple
Devis Club
Nurse log
Red Alder
Self Pruning
Sword Fern
Youth On Age

The loop wanders down by the river and just beyond the parking lot is a side trail that provides direct access to the beach.

A recent log jam / deadfall was noted. It appears these all fell across the river while also wiping out a small section of the trail. The trail must have been rerouted already - but I'm not sure when those tree fell.

Although not marked, underneath a huge nurse log fungus was hiding this unique figure. It appeared to be some kind of cross shaped charm, outfitted with decorations so that it resembled a figure instead of just a pile or arranged duff. Look carefully... can you see it?

Could it be a legendary Stick Indian?

The trail is nice, albeit short. The tread is wide and may even be wheelchair compatible. In most places.

Next Stop:
Gold Basin Mill Pond

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