Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mailbox Peak (Summit!) 05-08-2010

Another hiking day with a lack of buddies, but that worked out well since I used the day to just grind out both miles and elevation in an effort to get in shape for my hit list this summer.

I'm pleased to announce that I can now mark Mailbox Peak off my list... and it was actually on my to-do list this year.

My first visit to this trail was in April and we bailed after about 2,500 ft of gain or so. Trip Report available here.

Today it was just a steady pace from the bottom to the top and it took just a touch over two hours to summit, although when I passed the tree-reflector that was marked "15-30 min to go" it took me almost an hour.

Stabilicers and poles both came in handy.

Gaiters would have been nice for the last stretch as you exit the forest because it's simply a muddy mess.

The weather was absolutely perfect, although it looked a little less favorable on the south side of I-90.

The trip itself was relatively uneventful, except for the two hikers I passed on the ascent who were playing Indian Music via a mini boombox one of them had strapped to his belt. I came across them again as I descended the boulder field and the music was no longer playing.

Descent took just a little less than two hours.

No joking around... this trail is tough. It's steep and the views are nonexistent until you break out of the trees a few thousand feet up. It's great for training and the views are outstanding if the weather is compliant.

I give it a two thumbs up as a memorable summit destination!


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