Saturday, April 25, 2009


Primary destination today is the popular Mt. Si.

It's been years since I was last up there... somewhere between 8 and 11 I'm guessing. The last time was with Steve Weigel & Chris Jahne while the ladies were having some party at the Tanner Rd. house.

Will be meeting Steve Gilles at the Lynwood Park & Ride at 8am, proceeding to Rob's in Maple Valley at about 9:00 and then meeting Rachel & hubby Steve (and their dog) at the Trail head around 10:00.

Will the dog behave?
Will Steve's Dog-Park Knee injury persevere?
Will Rob's knees put up with 3,000 feet of descent?
Will Steve G. get to use his Yak Trax this trip?
Will Eric's legs handle 3,000 feet of gain without cramping?

We're all getting old and cranky, but you can tune in on Monday for the exciting trip report and hopefully some decent pictures.

Happy Trails!


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