Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rockport State Park on 4-4-2009

Depending on whom you talk to and what you read, Rockport State Park is closed from Nov 1 until May 1.
The Wa. State Parks website indicates it is currently closed. The Wa. State Parks staff (in Olympia ) that answer the phone when you call confirm that the park is closed. The fact of the matter is that the park is on public lands so they can’t really do anything if you are just wandering around (unless it’s posted as ‘keep out’ or ‘no trespassing’ or some other obvious, specific warning for some specific reason). With that knowledge, I set off toward the park, hoping there would be room to park along Hwy 20 without getting a ticket - or run over.

When I arrived at the park on Saturday morning I was surprised to find both sets of gates wide open. There is a sign and barricades that indicate the campground is closed… but everything else indicates the park is open. Even the restrooms were fully functional. As I was getting my stuff together, a couple other vehicles pulled into the parking lot along side me, parked and ventured onto the trail.

A map of the Park (and other state parks) is available here.

I followed the Evergreen trail in a clockwise direction. It was quiet and serene and offered some peaceful views of numerous creeks. No snow, no wildlife.

I came across this old growth Krabby Patty that was worthy of a picture.

After completing the loop back to the parking lot, I decided to cross Hwy 9 and follow the two loop trails over there with hopes of getting close to the Skagit River . Instead, the trail loops on a plateau, high above the river and the only views are of the peek-a-boo variety. There are a couple of deep canyons created from the creeks flowing through the park and it was impressive to consider the power of flowing water.

There were also a couple of peek-a-boo views of Sauk Mountain , if you have a good zoom and good weather.
Notice the five trees in a row along the left side? Cool.

There is also a peek-a-boo view from the parking lot, but there is a nice view of Sauk Mountain just a mile or so west of the park, along Hwy 9.

Total trail distance amounted to 4.9 miles.

I always seem to hear about people talking about the great fishing… there must be a boat launch or some other river access in the area, but I didn’t have time to hunt it down on this trip.

Stay tuned for couple more trip reports to be posted over the next few days for Mt. Baker/Heather Meadows and Cedar Lake in the Chuckanuts.

Happy Trails!

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