Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Next Outing: Sunday April 26, 2009

Despite the beautiful weather the last couple of days, Sunday is currently forecasted to be partly cloudy and did I hear the weatherman mention a bit of new snow in some areas tonight?

Enough already!

Destination on Sunday is still a complete unknown based on the weather and whoever decides to commit for the day.

Last year, Steve and I headed out to Ross Lake for an easy day exploring the dam and local sights. Despite our all day adventure, I still have a few landmarks up there that I'd like to check out when the lake is low. So, that's a possibility, but it makes for a long day of travel for those of you coming from the South so I'm looking at some other options as well.

Kendall Peak Lakes, Heather Lake or maybe a nice little river walk might fit the needs of the group better.

Feel free to comment your suggestions or email / call me anytime. Sunday will be here before I know it.


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