Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Heather Meadows - 2/18/2010

After my short exploration along the lower part of the Excelsior Trail, it was time to take advantage of the sunny weather by hustling back to the car and cruising up to Heather Meadows where I made my way toward Artist Point, stopping at the base of "Assburn Hill".

There was a helicopter that buzzed by, but it seemed to just be a pilot and/or tourists instead of a rescue operation.

Also took a few pics of nearby avalanche debris and a fracture line. These are real risks while traveling in the alpine backcountry during winter. The route to Artist Point manages to follow a relatively low risk route despite the fact that there are many high-risk areas all around you.

It was my intention to do some avalanche beacon search practice but it seems the beacon park isn't set up. Bummer.

What a fantastic day... especially for February!

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