Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stimpson Nature Reserve - May 16, 2009

After hearing about this trail from a couple of Bellingham locals, I finally had the opportunity to visit this trail one sunny Saturday in May.

The trail is located just west of Lake Whatcom, about 15 minutes away from I-5 via the Lakeway Exit in Bellingham.

There are two connected loops here that total about 4.5 miles. Mild elevation gain for Cascade standards, but there are enough troughs, valleys and ridges throughout the area that it's easy to get a decent workout on the trail. In fact, this is a popular trail run route for locals into that sort of thing. Not showing on the map is that there is a connector trail that heads south to one of the Sudden Valley neighborhoods (I didn't follow that route however).

There is an informational sign near the trail head describing a little about the trail.

There were few bugs and the trail was easy to follow and only a few people were on on the trail today. Here area few photos from the trail.

This is a nice local hike, but the views are limited. My recommendation is to save it for first-time hikers short on time... or use it on a really wet day to test out your rain gear.

Happy Trails!


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