Friday, October 3, 2008

Itinerary for Sunday 10/5/08: Denny Creek

The dayhike plan for this Sunday is something like this:

Meet Steve G. at the Lynwood Park & Ride at 7:45a.m. and head down to meet Rob in Maple Valley. Load up the gear and head out I-90 toward Denny Creek. We'll hike under the I-90 Westbound lanes and follow Denny Creek to Slippery Slab, Keekwulee Falls, Snowshoe Falls, Hemlock Pass and possibly Melakwa Lake.

Depending on weather and 'all that' we may make a side trip to visit Franklin Falls and/or other local sights along the I-90 corridor between North Bend and Snoqualmie Pass.

Should be back to Rob's by dinner time or so, and in cell phone range long before then.

Hopefully the weather will be pleasant and we'll get some nice fall color images.

Happy Trails!

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