Sunday, October 5, 2008

Denny Creek & Keekwulee Falls 10/5/08

Today Rob, Steve and I enjoyed the scenery along Denny Creek - especially the view of Keekwulee Falls and the splash of fall color.

The trail was relatively quiet this morning, but on our return from the Hemlock Pass area we started to encounter more people. Still, there were quite a few less than I anticipated. Probably a combination of the season and the weather forecast. I hear this place is a zoo in the summer.

At the trailhead a crew was working to erect a new trailhead sign. Looks nice and strong.

Before crossing under the I-90 elevated highway, 8buck observed this cool looking mushroom along the trail.

A while later we noticed this 'scaled' vertical cliff with a strange circular shape where the layers of rock have fallen out.

Met some friendly Robber Jays and found a blue tank top in a tree above the trail.

We also noticed a white spot in a distant tree across one of the talus slopes. Here is the original photo (full zoom) and then the photoshopped/cropped/enlarged 'white spot'. I figured it was an eagle, but it's in a peculiar postion - like it has its head under its wing.

Someday I'll head back out here and visit Lake Melakwa - when the weather is a little bit better.

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