Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Itinerary for 12-07-2011

Another unplanned impromptu outing.

Torn between wanting to go to a new destination (but solo once again) vs. going somewhere local (given the short daylight hours) vs. going snowshoeing with the Mt. Baker Club (but starting late and bailing early).

Debated heading to Bowman Bay near Deception Pass but it seems to be the one single spot in the entire State where it is scheduled to possibly rain between 10am and 1pm.  DOH!  No need for me to go hike in the only spot of rain in the state, right?

As of this moment, and this very well could change, I'm going to make a first visit to North Mountain just north of Darrington.  Jessie M. was there recently and posted some fun pictures of snow, and a Lookout.  No idea what the snow level is like up there... may as well go investigate.  The bummer of the deal is that there's a remote chance that there is adequate time to reach the summit be back in town for Christmas shopping before dinner.

Alternative destinations in the area include Mt. Higgins (also new to me), Boulder River (been there once before) or possibly something off Hwy 20.

Oh.... maybe the Baker Hot Springs is awaiting my first visit?  Better start investigating that one, it's getting late!


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