Friday, July 1, 2011

Itinerary for 07-02-11

It seems I've suddenly been relieved of my on-call dog duties (doodies, haha, that is dog humor) at the AKC show that was on my Saturday calendar.

Weather looks really promising and I have an empty day while the rest of the family is busy.

What would you do?

Nap? Right. I don't think so.

No time to dig up a partner so I'm just planning on going solo. Really I didn't try very hard to find a partner because I did the Hiker Math.

Hiker Math is simple: July 4th Weekend + unprecedented nice weather forecast = everyone SHOULD already have something exciting planned = Solo trip.

Considered heading to Park Butte on Mt. Baker's south side, but not sure what the snowmobile access status is and rumor has it the road is washboard slow and awful. Not nice on Camry's (and not mentally ready to break in the new car yet). So, going to stick with the old tried and true Heather Meadows area at the end of Hwy 542.

Will try to follow the Heather Meadows Loop that no one ever hears about, might head up Panorama Dome, might head out to Huntoon Point, might (but highly unlikely) do the Chain Lakes Loop around Table Mtn and by Iceberg Lake. Might see if I can find the location of the Lake Ann trailhead but probably won't follow the route too far if I do find it.

Here's a map that includes about 99% of the possible areas I could visit.

Will probably take the opportunity to do a little Avy Beacon practice, a little GPS functionality testing, maybe some Self Arrest practice (if I can find an area free of frozen roo nuggets).

Mostly, I'll just be enjoying the sunshine (I hope).

Wish I had more notice to take advantage of this great opportunity!

Happy Trails!


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