Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Artist Point Eye Candy 07-02-2011

Yet another trip to Heather Meadows / Artist Point?


The sun was out (as was the sunscreen) and it was a great day for a summer snow trip... with views! Shorts, T-shirt & a hat. It's about time!

No snow shoes were needed since the snow is very consolidated. It also gets slushy as it warms, so traction isn't always a sure thing. That's ok... because it makes for great glissading opportunities. Plus, those Sun Cups means it's hard to gauge exactly when/how your foot is going to touch down.

My route consisted of heading up to Artist Point (via Cardiac Hill as some people call it) for lunch. As you can see, the road runs under some cornices the could be a potential risk.

On the way back down I pinpointed the Lk Ann trail head (always curious about where it is in winter), headed part way up Panorama dome just to enjoy a 200 foot vertical glissade on the way down.

Here is a shot of the snow level at the Lake Ann Trail Head:

During my last visit here back in mid-June, only the black pipes of this restroom were visible.

Once back to the parking lot, opted to head off in the opposite direction along another rumored snowshoe route. Rumored because I've heard about it, but never actually heard of anyone doing it.

Now that some of the snow is melted ('some' is the key word here) it appears there could be a legitimate summer trail underneath the rumored snowshoe route. Will have to investigate that this summer (or next summer if the snowpack hangs in there).

Followed the trail for a good distance with the GPS and came across a Grouse which actually hung around long enough for a picture and a video!

Shortly thereafter I arrived at the Mountaineers Lodge (nice looking place)!

Feeling tired and sensing that there wasn't going to be a lot of new scenery, decided to make my way down to Picture Lake, snap a few photos and then return to the car via the road and a little cross-country travelling.

Here is a picture of "Baker" Honey Buckets at the base of Mt. Shuksan (click to enlarge). hahaha.

Here is the Galena Creek Falls, which most people miss even though they drive right next to it on Hwy 542.

Route Image:

Happy Trails!


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