Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Solstice at Heather Meadows 06-18-2011

After the short road hike to Hannegan Pass Trail head, a select group of Solstice enthusiasts (aka nwhikers) made a quick trek out to Heather Meadows.

There is still plenty of snow up there, and no indication that anyone plans to do any snowplowing anytime soon. In fact, rumors are circulating that the road to Artist Point may not have a chance to open this summer. EDITED TO ADD: Hey, just saw this tonight in the Bham Herald: Artist Point will not open this summer. Read it here.

The snow is still deep (10 feet at the parking lot) and the Austin Pass restroom building only has its roof visible.

Views were difficult to come by, so I took the liberty of playing with some photoshop effects. Not sure if the differences will be visible in the small versions or not.

Regardless of how the pictures turned out, it was a good trip.

EXCEPT... I must comment on the number of frozen Roo Nuggets that are literally all over the area. What a disgusting mess... for those that don't know: Pack out your poop (and/or your animals poop). Do you leave gifts like that in your friends freezer? Utterly gross. Just becaue it might be covered by snow shortly after a 'deposit' doesn't mean it becomes invisible forever.

Mostly uneventful ride home, except for DHM's dramatic wrong turn into the snowbank (and other assorted driving distractions that kept some on their toes). It sure is nice to be a passenger on Hwy 542 sometimes because the scenery is just so fantastic!

Back to Jen's a bit late for dinner & an evening of relaxing on the farm.

Happy Trails!


Next hike is scheduled for July 16th. Details still TBD.

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