Friday, April 8, 2011

Alger Alp 03-19-2011

Immediately after finishing a trek to Oyster Dome and trying to find the true summit of Blanchard/Chuckanut Mountain, Redwic and I set out to summit the World Famous*** Alger Alp.

We parked near Silver Creek and began hiking up the gated road just west of the creek. The approach is up a gated logging road, just east of a driveway and west of the creek. It seems this property is owned by Trillium. Please follow the rules.

Along the way, we enjoyed a nice view of the summit cliffs, some views to the northeast and some interesting geological rock phenomenons.

The above picture is referred by by geology experts as a Coal Bed. See the black layer in there? Dave Tucker with the WWU Geology department and I exchanged a few emails about this particular outcropping... and he went on to do a field trip out there the very next week.

If you have any interest in geology - or specifically in the geology of the Alger Alp or Chuckanut area, I suggest you read about his most recent field trip to Alger Alp, or browse the rest of his blog for a lot more info about the Chuckanut Formation.

Dave described the above formation as "a 30-foot-high sequence of sandstone and shale beds, and includes some smudgy soft coal. "

Here are a couple views from the east side of Alger Alp:

Once on the summit we enjoyed additional views to the south and the west.

We also spotted what appeared to be a sign near the approach road. We walked right by it and didn't recall seeing it, but couldn't miss it on the hike out.

The rock is pretty much heart shaped, but I have no idea who Hanna is.

We returned to the car without any route finding troubles.

About 4.25 miles and 1,000 feet of elevation gain.

Returned to Mount Vernon, did a little recon for the Devil Mountain high point before grabbing a beverage from Starbucks and then off to meet JenJen and ChubbyHubby for dinner at Bob's on Cook Road.

All in all, it was a great day to be out and about on the local trails and to be socializing with the good people of

Route Map:

Happy Trails!


*** People from across the world travel along I-5 where it is hard to miss this lowland peak just east of the Alger Exit.

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