Tuesday, June 30, 2009

N. Lk Samish Towers & a View 06/28/09

Sunday I ventured out to the Lake Samish County Park, armed with a backpack, camera and mountain bike with hopes of exploring the logging roads to locate the two communication towers that alluded me in May and to find some nice views of Lake Samish.

Since I don't think Mountain bikes are allowed on the trail in the park I just pushed that thing all the way to the top where the trail popped out onto the logging road.

The push wasn't too bad, until after the Eagles Outlook. After this point the trail becomes a mere boot-path and is very steep in parts.

Since I had studied the maps (and been here a few times before) I was able to reach the communication towers after about an hour of mostly hiking with some biking on the flat/downhill portions.

After the towers (eastern part of the route on the map) then I proceeded westward to a deadend and a slightly better view of the Lake.

At this viewpoint there were these clumps in the middle of the road which were roo-shaped (you know what I mean) clumps of animal fur and broken bones. Cool... and a bit creepy.

I was hoping for another, higher viewpoint but the family phoned to say they were home so I began my return trip.

Instead of returning along the boot-path trail, I attempted to follow the power lines straight toward the parking lot. The first downhill was survivable, but the second proved just too steep to ride. After a few minutes of careful maneuvering down this obscenely steep slope on foot I was able to connect back up to the trail and descent without trouble.

I'm glad I found the viewpoint and may head back some time for more exploring, but probably not until this winter.

Happy Trails!


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