Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lake Samish North Trail 05/03/09

A couple weeks ago I had a few free hours so I grabbed my camera and some snacks and returned to the county park located on Lake Samish.

Previous TR & pics here from November 2008.

I've been wanting to explore a little further into the area but I failed to bring a map with me so the plan was pretty much just to 'head up' and see where I end up.

Right from the start I kept to the 'short cuts' which stay near the powerline swath instead of the more time consuming switchbacks (which are actually very nice if you come to visit).

Eventually I found myself at the Eagles Overlook "viewpoint". It wasn't my intention to end up here because there is no view due to the growth of the trees... plus it's a dead end.

Bummed... I was ready to turn around when I noticed a faint side trail heading uphill. Just the sort of thing I was looking for. I followed it up, up, up and ended up at the top of a large granite-like cliff which was neat, but still no real view.

A short while later the trail popped out onto a forest service or some kind of maintenance road, but the faint foot path seemed to continue on the opposite side of the road (I'll save that for the next trip).

I followed the road back to the powerline strip where I noticed these babies on top of the knob 1335'. That looked like a neat destination so I followed that road in that general direction.

It would have been nice to have a map at this point as I came to four different intersections and hoped for the best.

At the last intersection I turned right. Had I gone straight I may have reached my destination today.

When I turned right, the road ascended to what probably was a temporary quarry for the road construction work where it appeared to dead end.

However, at the dead end, there was a footpath (or game trail) that continued onward. The path was easy to follow since the greenery is still recovering from the winter snow, but it will become bushy rather quick. This footpath follows what looks like what used to be a road or possibly a railroad grade, but it is being overtaken by alders and undergrowth. This path continues straight and then loops back and I think it ends up just beyond the top of the quarry cliffs.

It was at this point that I reached my turnaround time so I had to call it quits. It was also at this point that the foot path seemed to disappear in a clearing with no obvious exit route. The towers hadn't been in view since that original glimpse so I didn't have any idea how close I was to their location at this point. If I had a map I probably would have spent a few additional minutes exploring around to find that last segment of trail.

My GPS map wasn't providing any useful details about the road (not showing) or the topography.

It was an uneventful return to the vehicle and the 30 minute drive back home.

Only passed one other person on the trail.

A couple of bonus pics:

If you come on a warm or hot summer day you can stop at the parks beach for a quick dip before you head home, but parking on hot summer weekends is often problematic.

Happy Trails!


Postlude: Next time I might take my bike along and scope out some of those viewpoints that I suspect the logging roads dead-end at. Should make for a nice change of pace and save some time as well.

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