Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Next Outing: Sat 1/17/09

Heads up... the January outing date has been pushed back a week, so it's now scheduled for Saturday, January 17th.

Hopefully the additional week will provide an opportunity for the snowpack to settle and maybe the sunshine will find its way back to western Washington for this outing.

Anyone venturing out into the backcountry (or even out of their neighborhood) should be extra alert due to the extreme weather which is prompting monumental landslides and avalanches... even at the ski areas.

News Link, with pictures, of a massive landslide/avalanche combo at the Hyak Ski area at Snoqualmie Pass... today.

Be careful.

Let me know if you are available and interested in joining me on Saturday the 17th.

Also, did I rave about my book lately? Look for the link at the top part of the web page to order one or to see a preview of the first 15 pages.

Happy Trails!


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