Sunday, October 19, 2014

Winchester Lookout 09-28-2014

It's been almost a month, but it feels like at least three months have passed since I gathered the courage to drive up to Twin Lakes on a picture perfect late September day for a few hours of exploring one of the most scenic destinations in the North Cascades. 

The trail to Winchester Lookout is pretty straight forward.  One trail junction offers a choice to visit Low/High Pass (turn right) or to continue (straight) to the lookout.

At this point in the year, the snowfield above the Twin Lakes was completely melted out so the entire route was snow free.

Many people were camping at the lakes, some folks has spent the previous night in the lookout and another couple were camped in a tent just a short distance from the lookout.

Fall colors were starting to show in the blueberry bushes, but plenty of berries remained.

After visiting the look out and returning to the trail head, I opted to follow the road a short distance beyond the lakes and found myself at Skagway Pass.  The trail continues onward... potentially to Lone Jack Mine, but that exploration will wait for another time.

The drive is not for the faint of heart... nor for those in low-clearance vehicles.  It's steep and narrow.  With washouts and two or three-point switchbacks if you have a large turning radius.  Go slow, be safe.

Regardless of the approach conditions, if you can get yourself here in nice weather you won't be disappointed!

Happy Trails!


Coming soon:  Photos galore from a multi-day trip to explore portions of the Olympic Peninsula!

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