Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cape Flattery 10-16-2014

Twenty one years ago an impromptu road trip with college friends placed us on the Olympic Peninsula.  Since we were 'in the neighborhood' it seemed like a pretty cool idea to find the very northwest tip of Washington State.

Why?  Because we could!

So we thought.

We made it to within probably 4 miles of Cape Flattery but with no map, no road signs and a pot-holed dirt road in unfamiliar territory it was decided that maybe this wasn't such a good idea.  So, we turned around and made an entire loop of the Peninsula and ended up in Bellevue.  A LONG day.

That unfinished destination comes to mind sometimes... but it's always a pretty low priority considering the other opportunities (and challenges) that come my way every day.

Finally, an opportunity presented itself this year in the form of three consecutive days with a clear calendar.  The plan was to take this chance to visit Cape Flattery and explore some other features in the Lake Crescent / Elwha River / Salt Creek area.

On the morning of October 16, 2014 the day started with a ferry ride from Coupeville to Port Townsend where may Dad decided to join the adventure.

We drove out to Lake Crescent, stopped at the Lake Crescent Lodge and then drove directly to Cape Flattery.  The hike was pretty easy... 3 miles round trip and only about 300 feet of elevation gain (all on the way back to the parking lot).

We stopped at Washburn's General Store in Neah Bay to purchase the required $10 Recreation Permit (good until the end of the calendar year) on our way to Cape Flattery.

It's a pretty neat destination.  The trail included about four platforms for viewing different angles of the rugged coastline.

Lodging options do exist between Port Angeles... but they aren't fancy by any standards.  Prices we checked ranged quite a bit, but the room quality did not.  We considered camping, but the threat of rain was enough for us to eventually find a room on the west end of Port Angeles.

If you want to do this trip with class... get a room at the Lake Crescent Lodge.  That place is pretty nice.

Now... some pictures:

Lake Crescent and the Lodge:

Cape Flattery Photos:

The trip continues to other great Olympic Peninsula destinations.  Stay tuned... more posts coming soon.

Happy Hiking!


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