Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Here Comes The Rain Again, Possibly

After months of fantastic weather (and not nearly enough hiking opportunities), it sounds like we are in for an extended duration of wetish weather.

This Saturday (Oct 13) is my next scheduled hike day - although it may be trumped by a gymnastics meet depending on how Mikayla is feeling about her arm injury.

My point is simply that I may be hiking on Saturday and it may (or may not) be wet.  Depending on how the forecast looks as Saturday approaches, it's safe to say that I won't be targeting any of the main objectives that were on my wish list (like Trappers Peak or Hidden Lake Lookout).

Instead, I'll settle for something more low key that isn't heavily dependant on views.  Maybe I'll finally do the entire Chain Lakes Loop since I've seen the scenery so many times but haven't done the less scenic portion of the trail near Iceberg Lake.  Maybe it's a good day to finally visit Lake Annette off I-90.

If the weather is just so-so, maybe I'll venture up Hannegan Pass/Peak or possibly Mt. Baker's Goat Mountain (but no views?  maybe not).

Please contact me if you are interested in hiking in sunshine.  Liquid sunshine, actually.

Happy Trails!


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