Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lack of an Itinerary for 11-21-2011

Itinerary for 11-21-2011

Another solo week-day of hiking. Well, maybe a half day of hiking after Alexia gets dropped off at school at 9am. That's a pretty late start when the sun sets so early.

Weather is sketchy: cold, rain, sun, snow at higher elevations, and wind advisories.

Where to go? Dunno. Too many unmotivating choices to choose from.

Snowshoeing in fresh snow from the lower Mt. Baker lodge to Razor Hone Knob (again, now with more-leaky boots)?
Chuckanut's Incline Trail to Lily and Lizard Lakes?
Try to find the Sumas Mtn Overlook?
Shadow Of The Sentinels trail by Baker Lake (so darn short)?
Wander the Logging Roads in the Alger Alps?
Diablo Lake Trail to Ross Dam (too far away for such a late start)?
Explore FS Rd 38 toward Elbow Lake?

Just can't decide... but I do know that I need to get back into a regular running schedule. There's a lot more motivation to go somewhere difficult when you believe that you have the physical capabilities to actually reach that destination.

Send me your ideas, suggestions or even invitations. Chances are that I'll be in this same boat again on Tuesday.

Happy Trails!


These posts were made pretty close together... you might have missed the trip report for my outing on the Iron Goat Trail on Nov. 13, 2011. Read all about it right here.

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