Saturday, November 12, 2011

Itinerary for 11-13-2011 v2

Yep, looks like this may be one of the wettest hiking days in years. Possibly the wettest since Rob & I visited the Iron Horse trail in 2005 - it was so wet back then that my pants actually were producing bubbles from residual laundry detergent.

Since it appears that I'll be solo for the day, the itinerary is pretty much wide open and subject to change.

At this point in time, I'm considering heading east on Hwy 2 toward Steven's Pass. The intention is to hike at least a portion of the Iron Goat trail (staying west of the Windy Point Tunnel) and then probably make a visit to the Index Town Wall.

The Iron Goat section will probably start at the Interpretive Center at Scenic (if accessible) with a hike up the new switchbacks to the tunnel and then just meander westward from there. Probably too far and too little daylight to do the whole loop, so it will be an out-and-back.

If I can't get to that trailhead, I'll try go get to the other one that is further west (although the name of it currently escapes me).

Directions to the Index Town Wall can be found on Craig Romano's website since he posted it as the Hike of The Week.

Backup plans for those destinations would include the typical defaults such as Wallace Falls State Park, Heybrook Lookout, Lake Serene / Bridal Veil Falls.

Then again, maybe I'll just stay warm and dry at the Tulalip Casino playing Bingo.

Whatever the day holds, I should be in cell phone contact by dark.

Happy Trails!


PS: The Camry has moved on to enjoy a new well deserving family and so it will be the first hike for the yet-to-be-nicknamed trail car.

Post a comment if you'd like to offer up some suggestions.

I'll get things rolling with a couple possibilities:

} Puddles
} Silver Bullet
} Precious 2
} Choc L8 Thunda!

Your turn....

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