Saturday, October 22, 2011

Table Mtn 360s

Here is a short video showing the panorama's from Artist Point and from the top of Table Mountain.

The first panorama is from Artist Point. You can see the thin layer of snow (ice) remaining in the parking lot, and also see the snow piled up around the bathroom building. This panorama is made up of a 'continuous' series of photos taken while turning in a slow circle.

The second panorama is actual video footage from Table Mountain. The real video had a horrible blue glow to it - must have messed up a White Balance setting or something. So, it's been converted to Black and White for the viewer's enjoyment instead of being a blue distraction.

The cool part of the video is when you can see the summit of Mt. Shuksan through the lenticular cloud that was hanging around. You'll see it at about the 35 second mark.


Click here to see the photos from this trip to Table Mountain if you happened to miss that post.

The Pilchuck trip report and video will be coming soon.

Happy Trails!

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