Sunday, October 16, 2011

Itinerary for 10-17-2011

Tentatively (depending on how the morning goes) heading to Heather Meadows to (finally) do the Chain Lakes Loop.

Weather looks nice, but the need to be back in town by 4:00 has me a little off kilter... I'm used to a later curfew ya know.

Depending on how fast or slow this loop goes (or the amount of bears) there may be time for a diversion up to the top of Table Mountain.

With the 'limited time', I considered closer alternatives, but they either require a Discover Pass (which I don't have yet) or a long dirt road to the trail head. Since I just washed the car (it's for sale) and am not earning a paycheck this week I'll keep the car clean and keep the cash.

Might also get a chance to hike on Tuesday... might have to head out Hwy 20 or maybe the Mountain Loop Highway. Wait and see...

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