Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wait! What? Really?

It's not very often that the weather forecast turns from poor weather to great weather just for one of my planned excursions.

With the windy, stormy and blustery weather that's been hanging around here, it took me by surprise when I pulled up the forecast for this coming Saturday.

Now, we all know from past experience that the weather forecast on the computer doesn't always match the weather at the trail head... but sometimes it does.

Even more unusual is that the moon will be in a waning gibbous phase (meaning it's just past the full moon phase)... so there is a chance that the moonlight snowshoe outing might get to happen this weekend! Moonrise isn't until just after 8:00pm (it will be much earlier next month) so it would be a late night return home.

Thank goodness for late curfews!

Planning is in progress. Please contact me if you are interested in tagging along for the day (or night I guess).

More details to come later this week.

Happy Trails!


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