Thursday, February 10, 2011

By The Light Of The Full Moon

An unusual sequence of events transpired which led to my discovery that my planned March outing coincides with a full moon.

So, I'm seriously considering making a night-time snowshoe outing part of the itinerary for that day. This is something I've been wanting to do for a few years but just never got around to really planning it.

The most likely destination would be Heather Meadows/Artist Point at the end of the Mount Baker Highway due to it's awesome location, ease of access and lack of light pollution (since the ski area doesn't operate at night). Secondary choice would be Skyline Lake (because a night time pic of the Steven's Pass Ski area would be a fun photo shoot).

Here is a sunrise photo from Artist Point (sans snow) from a few years ago. That was a fun trip and you can read that trip report (on right here. It's the same pic that is on the back cover of my book. (What book? This one.)

As usual, it's all dependent on the weather and the avalanche conditions. Also TBD would be whether this would occur on Friday night, Saturday night or Sunday night.

Either way, I'll be playing outside during the day... just like always.

Stay tuned... and drop me a note if you're interested in tagging along (March 19th or thereabouts).

Click here for my always tentative 2011 Hiking Calendar.

Happy Trails!


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