Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Hwy 20 Dilemma

Another destination dilemma.

It's hike day. Forecasted rain below 500 feet. Forecasted snow above 500 feet. Solo.

It's also 'long run day'. Prescription = 8 miles.

Option #1: Head east on Hwy 20 for a possible adventure into a world of snow (or possibly just rain) in the Newhalem neighborhood provided I endure a long tedious uphill forested slog and lots of driving. Then back home for a long run.

The only sure things are that there would be a lot of hiking miles on a new trail (or two), a lot of driving miles and then a lot of running miles.

Option #2: Head west on Hwy 20 to the Anacortes Community Forest Land (ACFL) trails around Mt. Erie, Heart Lake and Cranberry Lake where it appears that the forecast is constant rain. The upside to this is that no one ever says a disparaging word about the ACFL area and I've never been there before. The other upside is that it might make for a good 8 mile trail run.

Of course, is that really fair if my 'hike' turns out to be a 'trail run'?

So... what will it be?

In the name of simplicity I'll likely opt to leave the snow gear at home and head out Hwy 20 West. Probably start at the ACFL, may also/alternatively visit the March Point trestle trail or continue on Hwy 20 to Ebey's Landing or Fort Ebey and play around the bunkers.

Ideally, I'll find 8 miles of lake-level trails to run, then ascend to a high point where I'll find fresh snow to enjoy lunch before heading back to warm up in the car and consider what to do with the afternoon. (Bingo anyone?)

Happy Trails!


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  1. will we see you at the Nookachamps run next weekend? Could be interesting with the new snow on the way!