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Fort Ebey - Part 3

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Part 3 (of 3)

Stepping away from the main bunker at Fort Ebey provides a nice outlook over the Paraglider Landing area and the Radio-Controlled Airplane area. Nearby is an informative kiosk showing the intended take-off and landing areas.

The bluff trail continues onward to the south, with a great view toward Ebey's Landing.

"Ebey's landing" is actually around the corner a ways. In April 2006 the kids and I found ourselves out there on a hike (trip report on nwhikers). The Ebey's Landing trail follows the bluff northward to the corner visible in the below picture. The trail then heads down to the beach and you can enjoy the return trip walking around the lagoon.

The girls really enjoyed that trip (good weather and good friends helped).

The bluff trail continues for a ways, dead-ending at the Vista Group Camp Site.

Some mountains from across the sound became slightly visible while I was touring the campsite.

The trail peters out here, although there is probably some primitive boot path following the bluff. Then again, maybe I'm bluffing.

Eventually I turned around to head back.

Once back at the picnic area near the main bunker I decided to walk down to the paraglider field. I'm glad I did... for two reasons.

First, the sun decided to come out, lightening up the almost-gloomy lighting.

Second, I unexpectedly came across this hole in the ground.

Another hidden bunker! The only way in is to climb down here.

Here is the view from the water side. The metal fence at the top surrounds the hatch/ladder to help prevent unaware people from falling in.

I didn't climb down there... figured I'd better save that adventure for a day when the kids decide to tag along.

In the background of the above picture you can see a hill behind the metal fence. That hill is the main bunker discussed in Part 2. Impossible to tell that it's a bunker from down here. Very tricky.

Eventually I continued back along the bluff trail toward the car.

Along the way I made another visit to the beach where there happened to be a body surfer and his 'very patient but it's freezing cold and my patience is running out' girlfriend making the most of the swollen waves and the view.

The waves were really large, but I didn't really notice it at the time. I took the waves for granted - only remembering after the fact that Puget Sound doesn't usually have crashing waves. The storm's a comin'.

Luckily, the scene was both memorable and beautiful so I spent a little time taking some photos... until the batteries died. Captured a few worthwhile images.

The sun illuminating the rocks and sand, with the waves turning from cold green to fierce white as they crashed onto each other made for a beautiful shot (in my humble opinion).

Ended the hike with a trek along the beach to my starting point.

Uneventful drive back to the mainland with a stop at Starbucks in Oak Harbor and made it home in time to enjoy dinner at Red Robin with the family.

Next up: Possibly snowshoeing on 1/29/11 and then the next scheduled outing isn't until Feb 19th.

Happy Trails!


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