Thursday, September 17, 2009

YOU might be a model!

American Alpine Institute has selected some photos from a few of my snowshoe trips to use on their website for showing off the potential views in the area.

AAI is headquartered right here in Bellingham, WA (well, Fairhaven for those of you who are local). They do trips world-wide, not just here in Washington.

I went in there sometime in the past to meet them and to talk about trips & avalanche training courses. Very nice folks. Right at home here in Bham.

It is a bit quirky that the website page says "Mount Baker" but the pics are actually from Steven's and Snoqualmie Pass.

A few of these people are people who were snowshoeing with me. A few others just happened to make good scenery for my photo, so I don't know who they are.

AAI's Snowshoe page (with my pics)

AAI's home page

The pay isn't much... but I'm OK with that. For now. You never know what these things could lead to.

It's already more exciting the accounting. :~)


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