Friday, September 4, 2009

Itinerary for Sept 5, 2009

I was holding out, praying for an improvement in the weather forecast so I could visit Winchester Mountain... but alas, that will have to wait for another day.

Here is the current plan:

Departing Mount Vernon about 8:30a.m. with Steve Gilles and John Cline for a day hike on the south side of Mount Baker to visit Park Butte and the Railroad Grade. There is a chance we might swing down along the Scott Paul trail (clockwise) just to cross the suspension bridge or possibly continue up RR grade beyond high camp to get up close and personal with the Easton Glacier.

The weather forecast is for rain.
Just plain rain.
Unless you're above 6,000 feet in which case it will likely be snow.
I doubt we will exceed 6,000 feet, but if we do it will only be for a short while. Park Butte lookout is only at 5,450 feet, but RR grade does go above and beyond that.

Yep, a summer full of excellent weather and I get to hike on the rainy, cloudy, snowy days. Hardly seems fair, but in reality the weather variations really play a huge role in making each trip a unique experience; even if you've been on the same trail twenty times before.

With a little luck we'll come home with a ton of blueberries and maybe we'll get a few breaks in the clouds to enjoy the scenery as well.

I heard there was going to be a WTA/Skagit Alpine Club work party at the Park Butte Lookout this weekend, but then I also heard it was rescheduled to next weekend. Combined with the wet weather, it could be a quiet day on the trail, even though it's Labor Day Weekend.

We anticipate being back to the vehicle before sunset.

Look for a Trip Report and pictures to follow in the next few days.

Happy Trails!


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