Friday, August 7, 2009

Itinerary for 08/08/09

I'm looking forward to a day of exploring around Steven's Pass which holds a lot of new territory for me. The final destination(s) depend a lot on the weather conditions which could go either way based on the forecast.

The two main attractions (until I see the weather situation) will be to:
a) visit the old Wellington townsite and follow the Iron Goat trail westward to the Windy Point tunnel and
b) see what Skyline Lake is like without snow. Depending on how the trail and conditions are, its likely I'll try to head out on the ridge to reach that western high point that few snowshoers venture up.

Other attractions at the pass include the PCT southward to a couple lakes or northward to Lake Valhalla.

There is also a chance that I'll make a short stop at Deception Creek on the way back home to see the falls and to get a little sample of that trail.

Again, it all depends on the weather. And the bugs.

Had the weather forecast been more favorable this would have been a great opportunity to visit Winchester Lookout or Church Mountain, both near Mt. Baker. Maybe I'll tag one of those next month.

Happy Trails!


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