Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Heather Lake - 05/31/2009

Heather Lake (official trail info here) is located at the base of Mount Pilchuck, above the Mountain Loop Highway just outside of Verlot and Granite Falls, WA.

This is a popular hike year round and made a great second trail, after Lake Twenty-Two, to finish off my day of hiking.

Heather Lake is very much like Lake Twenty-Two, although the trail was very muddy for the last quarter mile before the snow started.
Very muddy.
Really very muddy.
Really very excessively muddy.
Mondo-extreme really very excessively muddy.

But it was still a good hike.

This was the first time I visited this lake while it was possible to see across the entire lake. Other visits here have been in rain, fog or snow... providing view of rain, fog or snow. Although those trips also provided some neat photos of moss and and encounter with an owl.

On this trip all that I encountered were people, dogs, mud, snow and a stellar jay. Despite that, it was still a great outing.


PS - Obviously I'm still catching up on trip reports, but my next outing is coming up this Saturday, August 8th. It's probably the last Saturday hike for a while as soccer season will start the following week. Yay!

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