Sunday, May 17, 2009

Next Hike: Saturday May 23, 2009

Check your calendar and let me know if you are up for a fun day of hiking on Saturday, May 23rd. It's the first day of Memorial Day weekend so I understand everyone is probably already booked up... but you never know.

Really, it seems I'm free all three days (at the moment) but the Ski To Sea is happening on Sunday, so Mt. Baker is going to be well populated and heading south on Monday probably means lots of traffic on the way home. So... I'll start with plans for Saturday and see what the weather forecast does.

Recently I found the time to take a couple of short hikes. One was to the Stimpson Family Nature Reserve located near Lake Whatcom/Sudden Valley and the other was along the east side of the northern Chuckanuts, just north of Lake Samish.

Neither were too exciting but both had some unique features that I may get around to sharing in the next couple weeks.


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