Friday, May 22, 2009

Itinerary for May 23, 2009

Planning on spending the day, solo, in the Ross dam area between Ross Lake and Diablo Lake.

Likely park at the Ross Dam Trailhead, head down to the dam and head on out to Ross Lake Resort and Green Point. My go beyond Green Point campground toward Big Beaver campground or may backtrack to the bottom of the dam to follow the Diablo Lake trail for a ways.

Other sightseeing stops may include a visit to Colonial Creek Campground to check out the beginning of the Thunder Creek Trail or see what the Thunder Knob trail looks like (if I can find it).

Might also swing through the town of Diablo and possibly hike the trail from the power plant/town up to the top of the dam or see if there is anyone I know on the Sourdough Mtn trail.

All in all I'm just looking for a casual day on the trail to test out my new backpack and enjoy the sunny weather.

Happy Trails!


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