Saturday, February 7, 2009

Nevermind... staying home 2-8-09

Sorry to announce that the snowshoe outing for 2/8/09 has been postponed. Might be able to reschedule for the weekend after Valentine's Day.

I also skipped out on the ski trip to Mt. Baker today... with a couple of good reasons. One of which is that Mikayla injured her ankle at gymnastics last night and is now on crutches for at least a week. Skiing wouldn't have been a good choice for the day.

In other news, those of you who requested a Big Rock Excursion book will be happy to know that your books arrived here today - unexpectedly a few days earlier than I anticipated. Now I just need to meet up with you people to deliver your book.

Take care & stay tuned for the new date & itinerary.


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