Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lake Ann (Mt. Baker) Itinerary for 9-14-08


Steve Gilles (of Lynnwood), Erik Hansen (of Mount Vernon) and I are planning to depart from Mount Vernon about 7:30a.m. on 9/14/08 with expectations that we'll meet up with Tim Mahoney (Oarboar at and from Bellingham) at the Lake Ann trailhead between 9:30 and 10:15.

The trail head is located just past Austin Pass along the Mount Baker Highway, just a couple miles before Artist Point.

The four of us plan to hike the trail to Lake Ann and then proceed along the trail to check out the Curtis Glacier on Mt. Shuksan. No glacier or snow travel is expected.

Due to the numerous points of interest in the Heather Meadows/Austin Pass/Artist Point area we may poke around a variety of those areas as time, endurance and daylight allows.

I expect we'll all be equipped with the 10 essentials, including a PLB but not a shelter, and enough food and water to last us for a full day. We should be back to Mount Vernon no later than 11:00pm but we fully expect to be in cell phone contact long before then.

Chances are high that we'll stop in Maple Falls to say hello to JenJen at the white convenience store at the intersection on the way to and from the hike.

Trip report and photos will be posted at, with a link posted on this blog as well.

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