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Lake Ozette Loop - Part 3 Sand Point to Lake Ozette 08-24-2013

Lake Ozette - Part 1
Lake Ozette - Part 2

Lake Ozette - Part 3:  Sand Point To Lake Ozette

The third section of our hike was from Sand Point to Lake Ozette, completing the counter clockwise route and returning us to our vehicle.

As mentioned in the previous post, we had some concerns about how we would locate the trail/beach junction near Sand Point.  Our map suggested it was south of Sand Point but there was a large round 'marker' just a short distance north of Sand Point.  We found a trail access at the Marker so we used it.  Chances are that we might have found one south of Sand Point but we didn't explore out that way to confirm.

Also, the marked junction we used connected with the main trail after about 30 yards.  Left returns to the Ranger Station/Lake Ozette (see below photo of sign).  It's logical and highly likely that turning to the right would deposit you right at Sand Point or probably the mapped location just south of there.

The section of hike is similar to the hike from Lake Ozette to Cape Alava, except this section has even fewer ups and downs and contains more 'straight' sections where you can see the trail extend quite a ways in front of you.

Here are a few pictures, including a couple attempts of a 'group shot' on the boardwalk which proved challenging because of the limited space to squeeze together.

Finally, here is a video compilation of the photos from all three posts that paired nicely with great 80's song from Icicle Works:  Whisper To A Scream to help make it a worthwhile use of 3:33 of your day.  Some of these images will no doubt end up in my '2014 Contemplating Adventures' day planner.  (The 2013 Contemplating Adventures day planner can be viewed on

Lake Ozette Loop - August 2013 from Eric Rolfs on Vimeo.

Special Note from October 2013: Due to the current Federal Government Shutdown, the Olympic National Park is closed. Please check the website before you head out there to make sure the trail is open and accessible. Some parks are being opened (seeming for a week at a time) in situations where individual states have stepped in to fund the operations temporarily. Unfortunately, as of the date of this posting, Olympic National Park (or any other National Parks in Washington State) are not receiving any temporary funding from the state of Washington.

Once things open back up, I highly recommend this unique hike for those that don't mind the extended travel time it takes to get there and that don't mind a hike that contains exactly zero mountains.

Happy Trails!


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